Hartford PNH Pub

An authentic Polish Pub on the main floor of a national historic landmark, the Hartford PNH Pub has been serving members and guests since 1930!

Grab a table, booth or a seat at the bar!  

Whether the first or final stop of your Hartford visit, we have delicious food and fun drink specials.  Be sure to ask about our craft beer selection!  The Hartford PNH has the exclusive, locally crafted, Hussar Ale – Give it a try!

Featured Ingredient | Pork

Polish National Home's Hartford PNH FavoriteWe proudly serve quality White Marble Farms pork. We could cut our costs and procure a cheaper brand, but we prefer to embrace quality. Our members and guests appreciate it, too!

Here’s why we like White Marble Farms and why Hartford PNH pork dishes are a favorite:

  • Natural: It’s all natural and minimally processed to deliver maximum flavor. There are no artificial or added ingredients, no fillers, no preservatives, nor added hormones.
  • Quality: Consistent coloring and generous marbling provide exceptional culinary performance, which means our guests consistently enjoy a quality, tasty dish.
  • Family-owned Farms: 20 family-owned farms diligently care for their pigs in temperature controlled environments and adhere to sustainable practices. These smaller farms allow the farmers to devote individualized attention to the animals and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

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Pub Hours are:

  • Thursday to Saturday Noon to 8:00 pm

Kitchen Hours are:

  • Thursday Noon to 7:00 pm
  • Friday & Saturday Noon to 8:00 pm

Lunch Menu – Favorite Polish Lunch Meals

  • Polski Talerz Luksusowy – The #1 selling Polish plate at the Hartford PNH: The Polish Plate Deluxe
  • Golabek – Stuffed Cabbage
  • Zapiekanka – Polish Flatbread
  • Kielbasa
  • Pierogi – Potato and cheese dumplings
  • Placek – Potato pancake
  • PNH Wedge Salad with Chef Jeff’s original dressing

Dinner Menu – Favorite Polish Dinner Meals

  • Polski Talerz Luksusowy – The Polish Plate Deluxe is a favorite for lunch and dinner!
  • Our Polish Flatbread, Zapiekanka, is a favorite at all times of the day!
  • Husarski Talerz – The infamous Polish Hussar Plate is a warrior’s delight! 18oz of 3 types of kielbasa, 3 pierogi, bigos and your choice of 16oz draft beer.
  • Mizeria – Polish Cucumber Salad
  • Kielbasa Sandwich
  • Placki Ziemniaczane – 3 potato pancake plate with sour cream and applesauce.

Dessert Menu Highlights- No Polish meal is complete without a delicious dessert

  • Blueberry Pierogi – these have been a staple and favorite of members and guests at the Hartford PNH
  • Kapka Lodowa – Prince Polo Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich: You haven’t lived the Polish-American foodie life until you had one of these!

Drink Menus – Special Hartford-PNH-only drinks (soon to be publicly unveiled!)

  • Hussar Martini – This is a warrior’s martini and not for the weak-willed.  Skip the caviar and the olives. Hello pickled herring!  Yes, this is a pickled herring martini made with your choice of Polish vodka, but we recommend Belvedere Vodka. The martini is garnished with pickled herring and comes with a side dish of pickled herring.  Peanut butter and chocolate is a great combination, but it pales in comparison to pickled herring and vodka!
  • Hussar Bloody Mary – Another warrior’s drink. This bloody mary is more of a liquid meal than a drink!  The Hussar Bloody Mary features a house-made horseradish infused vodka.  Chef Jeff is putting the finishing touches on this recipe that is expected to feature Kabanos garnish and more.

Check the specials board for new daily or weekly dessert specials not found on our regular menu!

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