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Welcome HOME !! Witamy w DOMU !!   Come for the food, stay for the people!

Many know the Polish National Home of Hartford – the Hartford PNH – for our authentic Polish food lovingly prepared and served to members and guests in our dining areas – but that is just part of who we are. (See menu sample here)

Polish National Home's Hartford PNH Favorite

Our current featured ingredient.


Executive Chef Jeff is skilled and proud to deliver to you:

  • Authentic Polish cuisine
  • Made daily with the freshest ingredients
  • Prepared in the homemade style – like your mother or grandmother used to make!

Our chefs also prepare American and International cuisine, including Spanish, German, Caribbean and French. Specialties are often prepared for the many banquets, weddings, and receptions we host.

Favorites include:

  • Our delicious Beet Salad, freshly made soups and Traditional Polish Plate
  • Zapiekanki – Our Polish Flatbread Pizza
  • Smoked Salmon Rachel Sandwich
  • Nalesniki – Fruit and creme filled crepes
  • Don’t forget the best Corned Beef in Hartford during March (Hey, We Love St Patrick too!!)

The experienced staff at the Polish Home have hosted countless successful events that featured both the amazing food and fine service our members and guests have come to expect.

And remember, all members of the Polish National Home receive points toward free food and non-alcoholic drinks!

Our new lunch and dinner menus will be available January 2018!

Our menu is enhanced by daily specials, but here are some favorites:

Menu items:

  • Gołąbki – stuffed cabbage rolls
  • Pierogi – dumplings filled with cabbage, potato & cheese, or fruit
  • Bigos – hunter’s stew
  • Placki ziemniaczane – potato pancakes
  • Krokiet – croquette-stuffed, rolled pancake
  • Kotlet – pork or chicken cutlet
Renowned for our:
  • Polish Plate Deluxe – kielbasa, pierogi, bigos, gołąbki, mashed potatoes
  • Roast Pork Tenderloin
  • Kapuśniak – cabbage soup
  • Of course, our trademark kielbasa and famous Polish Rye bread
Traditional Polish holiday favorites:
  • Śledzie – pickled herring
  • Barszcz czerwony – red beetroot soup
  • Zurek – white rymeal soup
  • Flaczki – tripe soup
  • Naleśniki – Polish crepes


Polish vodkas

  • Belvedere – named for the Polish president’s residence in Warsaw
  • Chopin – named for the famous 19thC Polish composer Frédéric Chopin
  • Ultimat
  • Luksusowa
  • Krolewska
  • Wyborowa
  • Żubrówka – a blade of bison grass is inserted into the bottle
  • Sobieski – named for the 17thC Polish King Jan Sobieski III
Sweeter cordials, including:
  • Wisniowka – cherry flavored
  • Jezynowka – blackberry brandy
  • Krupnik – honey liqueur

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