“The Board of Directors of the Polish National Home of Hartford, Inc. (PNH) in conjunction with a majority of the PNH corporate members attending a special meeting held on December 4, 2022, have approved the sale of the PNH building located at 60 Charter Oak Avenue in Hartford, CT.
While not the outcome that we had hoped for, mounting debt, deteriorating property conditions, declining support, and a dwindling membership are paramount in making this difficult and heart-breaking decision.
Although not popular with some members of our community, we are hopeful that all can respect the decision as the best alternative as we are no longer able to support the existence of the building financially.
We are grateful for the opportunity that we have had to enjoy this remarkable historical facility and for those individuals who have dedicated so much in an attempt to achieve a different outcome, however viable options have been exhausted and we are forced to move on.”

Please email us: info@PolishHomeCT.org with questions.